Safety, security and peace of mind are all attributes that banks want to convey to their customers. A DMX music systems helps create that welcoming, secure environment that helps bank customers relax so time waiting in line passes quickly. And confidential conversations are not heard by others waiting.

Creating a positive environment for patients is essential to any healthcare facility. Nothing establishes an atmosphere of wellness more effectively than music. When music is part of the medicine, visitors perceive your office as safe and comfortable. They are more relaxed in waiting and treatment rooms too. Music reduces the noise of medical equipment which reduces patient anxiety.

Professional Office
When music is part of your interior, clients know who you are the moment they walk in. Your office feels comfortable and inviting.

Your customers sight, smell and hearing all play a significant role in the emotional connection they have with the dining experience. Using DMX music as a tool, we can help you create the right "vibe" for your restaurant. And, we take care of the licensing for your music subscription as well. If ever service is required, Sound Solutions technicians will be there for fast, efficient, support.

A person's emotional response to your store is formed within the first 10 steps of entering. And, what your customers hear profoundly impacts their experience in those first steps. It is proven that customers stay and shop longer with music in the store.

DMX music enhances your brand, customer service, and overall shopping experience for your customers.


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