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The Power of Video

Imagery can entertain, transport and affect people deeply. It can be a potent marketing tool for your business. We at Sound Solutions make the integration of video in your business easy, with smart solutions based on your needs.


With all of the LCD and Plasma HDTV options one has today, choosing the right TV for your location can be confusing. At Sound Solutions, we make it easy with the most trusted commercial brands on the market, including Samsung, Panasonic and Sanyo. All have a manufacturer's warranty, plus we handle the repairs and maintenance.

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Business Television

Business Television will enhance your business and improve your customer's experience. Keep your customers entertained and reduce perceived wait times. Build customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Digital Signage

COBALT: Simple, Affordable, Digital Signage
What's the value of one more sale to your business? One more item added to your customer's order? One more way to educate, engage and inform? This easy to use, self-managed solution will allow you to communicate quickly and easily to your customers, patients or guests.


DMX HD Imagery and music videos captivate, entertain and deliver that indespensible "cool factor" for your business or waiting room.


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