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Beyond the Traditional Approach

Sound Solutions can provide real-time and recorded, video-enhanced business intelligence for operations, marketing, merchandising and technology groups. We have a wide variety of equipment and options to fit your individual needs.

Loss Prevention & Risk Management
Our Retail Solutions with video analytics can be used to capture behaviors indicative of customer and employee theft.

  • Point of Sale Integration (cash registers, etc.)
  • Visual notification and verification of abnormal transactions such as voids, no-sales, etc.
  • Stockroom and warehouse inventory monitoring
  • Extended loitering
  • Stopped or Loitering vehicles
  • High-theft item monitoring
  • Objects removed from shipping and receiving areas.

Remote Viewing & Monitoring

Our system allows for secure remote viewing of your store's video and transactions as well as remote management of the video system's settings.


Video Analytics

Video analytics can improve the relationship your business has with your customers by analyzing video for actionable information for marketing and merchandising, as well as a training tool for employees.

  • People counting
  • Queue length and wait times
  • Crowding around sales counters
  • Traffic pattern analysis
  • Display effectiveness
  • Dwell time in designated areas
  • Parking lot and garage occupancy

Megapixel Video Capture

The server system is capable of handling both analog and megapixel IP cameras. This feature allows for integration of super-clear, high resolution images. Know that you can capture even the smallest details with confidence should you ever need to supply the footage to authorities.

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