AV and sound systems customized for schools

Gym Sound Systems

Our expertise in audio and acoustics assures that your audio system is not only intelligible but also one you can be proud of from basketball season through graduation each year.

Stadium Sound

The approach to stadium sound should be basic, but effective. Today's fans and boosters demand more from school athletic sound systems. The right cost-effective sound system will give your sports teams many years of spectator enjoyment.

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Auditorium Sound & Video

Stimulate minds and ensure the inspiration of the entire student body with the latest advancements in audio/video technology. Our support team can help guide you with the leading-edge equipment and technology. And, Sound Solutions will be there to support and train before, during, and after your investment.

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Portable Sound

There are literally hundreds of choices in portable sound for you to choose from. At Sound Solutions we are constantly evaluating new systems to see which are best for our clients. Our recommendations are based on the best long-term value for your school.

Education Newsletter

We are committed to bringing continuing education in worship technology for our clients and friends. We publish a basic, easy-to-understand newsletter quarterly. Please feel free to browse our library for the latest editions.


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