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Music & Sound Systems

Few things make more of an impact in a retail business than music. It can define your brand, influence behavior, define your mood, provide privacy, and stimulate action. It has also proven to keep buyers in the store longer. Sound Solutions will help you customize music that is right for your retail location and target audience.

On-Hold Messaging

Our customer-centric approach to messaging is unique, as we believe that it is all about your customer. We offer a wide variety of ways to deliver your message to the customer, from creative on-hold to on-site mesaging to digital signage solutions. At Sound Solutions you get a customized solution that helps convey your message at the right time, in the right way, and to the right people.

Restaurant Surveillance Systems

  • 5% of restaurant employees steal at least $5
  • 2.6% steal $10-15
  • 1.3% steal more than $20
  • 37% admitted that they had rung up less expensive items than was served to the customer.
  • 29% have taken food or drinks from the restaurant without paying.
  • 27% have given friends or family food and haven't charged for it.
  • 25% have given a customer a side order without ringing it up.



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