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A Benefit to Hospitals

Hospitals are a place where countless visitors, patients and their attendants move throughout the day and night, making them more susceptible to unpredictable events. Surveillance cameras can protect employees and patients from unwanted incidents. However, if unwanted incidents do happen, the cameras can provide visual evidence for the authorities.

Other Advnatages

Prevents False Claims: Occasionally some visitors and patients may falsely claim injury on hospital property. Surveillance cameras can help prevent such claims.

Constant Monitoring: Because the surveillance cameras monitor overall activity in the hospital, there is a sense of better control and efficiency.

Digital Recording: The IP system provides the ability to store footage from the camera on network servers, hard drives or NVR (network video recorder).


Configuration of a Surveillance System

Sound Solutions considers many factors before installing a surveillance system in a hospital or medical facility. Some of those elements include:

  • Size of the facility
  • Topography and architecture to determine exact places for installation of the cameras
  • Evaluation of existing security system
  • Requirements of hospital security personnel
  • Identify critical areas that need surveillance
  • Review parking lots
  • Review past incidents of employee disputes, false claims etc

Sound Solutions has provided surveillance systems to several of the leading healthcare facilities in central Missouri. Our team can provide the right solution for you.

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