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Real-Time Surveillance In a City Near You

If you're making your way around any metropolitan area in America these days there's a good chance your movements are being recorded by a surveillance camera.

Once limited mostly to banks and convenience stores, the beady eye of the surveillance camera has appeared nearly everywhere over the past decade. Cheaper surveillance systems and heightened fears of terrorist attacks have created a world that is increasingly captured on surveillance cameras.

Surveillance cameras discreetly cover shopping centers, stadiums, office buildings and parking lots.

Police say surveillance cameras, whether installed by businesses, homeowners or local governments, act as a powerful law-enforcement tool and crime deterrent.
They also allow law-enforcement agencies to patrol much larger areas with fewer sets of eyes.

The days of scratchy, black-and-white images recorded on videotape are long gone. Advances in surveillance camera technology mean crystal-clear digital pictures that can be reviewed in real time as they occur.


Municipal Surveillance Solutions

Expand Safety Capabilities: Improve awareness and proactive monitoring of public facilities

Reduce Theft: Decrease the amount of internal and external theft of public assets.

Protect Against Potential Threats: Cameras actively monitor public areas for abandoned objects or items that have been removed.

Ensure Operational Efficiency: Monitor and maintain system-wide operational standards.


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