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Benefits of Security Cameras In Schools

General Safety and Security
Investment in surveillance camera systems by school districts ensures parents and guardians that the general safety and security of children are being addressed during schools hours and at all after-school extracurricular activities and programs.

Crime Deterrent
The presence of highly visible surveillance cameras at strategic locations in buildings and public areas/premises of a school property prevents theft, vandalism and acts as a deterrent to thieves and criminals from indulging in illegal activities.

Sexual Predators
One of the biggest threats that school children face is the threat of sexual predators and pedophiles hanging around unobtrusively on school campuses or in parking lots. Camera systems' footage is very useful in tracking down predators or helping inform police about threatening situations in real time.

Prevent Bullying
New-generation surveillance camera systems have audio, voice and sound capturing capabilities. Teenagers bullying or harassing other students can be disciplined based on video and audio footage records.

Emergency Evacuation
School security personnel manning surveillance camera systems in real-time can take quick action about evacuating children, faculty and staff in case of emergencies related to fire or other potentially dangerous situations.

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The Reason To Choose Sound Solutions

We recognize that higher education and K-12 facilities require special attention to the needs of instructors, students, and administrators. The fact that most schools use public tax dollars, make it absolutely critical that the investment made in surveillance systems be done right the first time.

We are committed to providing your school with the best solution the first time as well as excellent service when you need it.

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