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Great Service is Our Priority

We understand that as much as 60% of annual revenue comes from your drive-thru window, which makes it a critical aspect of your business.

Sound Solutions has been serving heartland customers for over three decades. We offer 24/7 service on all brands of drive-thru equipment. In the event of a problem, we will get you up and running fast.

Free Telephone Support (800) 748-8222

Sound Solutions customers enjoy 24/7 telephone support for their equipment. For those things that can be fixed on site with a little help from our experts, we are happy to serve you.

Maintenance Program

Sound Solutions is proud to offer our Full Service Maintenance Program. This program differs from our competitors because we can and do provide in-store repair of your headsets. This approach assures you that your newer headsets stay yours and are not exchanged with others from other parts of the country.

Our Products Include:

  • Wireless and hard-wired intercom systems
  • Timer systems
  • Internal & External Loop Detectors
  • Greeter
  • Cross-Lane Module
  • Headsets
  • Vehicle Detectors
  • Speaker Posts
  • Ultra-Durable Belt packs
  • Batteries & Battery Chargers
  • Telephone Interface
  • And much more!





3M HME drive thru equipment


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