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The most critical area of system design for maximizing the performance that can be achieved in an environment is acoustics. Through acoustic analysis, the goal is to achieve a proper room noise level and preferred sound dynamics. Mechanical system noise, environmental noise, and acoustic isolation all affect the performance of a sound system. Absorption, diffusion, and reflection of acoustic energy dictate the bass levels, speech intelligibility, and sound dynamics of a sound system. It is one of the most critical factors in determining the "feel" of your sanctuary. Best results are achieved when these things are explored early in your planning stages.

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We are committed to bringing continuing education in worship technology for our clients and friends. We publish a basic, easy-to-understand newsletter quarterly. Coming soon to the web site.


Our expertise in audio and sound reproduction extends to virtually all areas, including: performing arts, live events, recording, drama, speech and presentation, and music distribution. Through our design process we will also address your room acoustics and sound dynamics.


Video has been brought into the digital age in much the same way as information and audio. With the majority of the video signals now being captured, managed and reproduced in digital and high definition formats. We offer expert design, engineering, and installation of rear projection, front projection, and flat panel display systems.

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