Conference Rooms

At Sound Solutions, systems are designed for positive customer and employee experiences with your facility's sound and video. The critical importance of clear voice and video reproduction in a training meeting room should not be underestimated. Let your future meeting experiences be positive ones with our solutions.

Large Scale Paging Systems

Mass communication with your employees is a business necessity, and in an emergency situation, can be a life-saver. We can give you the instant ability to page employees, make emergency announcements, and provide tone signaling to all areas of your facility. We give very careful consideration to your ambient noise levels in our design process,ensuring you a headache-free system for years to come.

Sound Masking

From open-office landscapes to healthcare facilities, ensuring acoustic privacy is vital. With trusted brands like Atlas and Lowell, we can create a virtual sound blanket to help mask private conversations. As always, we customize our sound masking solutions to your specific environment and budget considerations.


AV Systems

Our skilled engineers design systems that match your budgetary, operational, and aesthetic requirements. This includes acoustic engineering and computer modeling to ensure optimal sound coverage and intelligibility.

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The right music in the right places can actually increase productivity. Music sets the pace, tone and tempo for your business. It is one of the most economical tools you can use to improve the workplace.

We can deliver music solutions in several ways including IP/Internet, satellite or on-premise media. You'll enjoy regular content updates and the security of knowing that all content has been licensed.


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